CBT Nuggets Exam-Pack 77-884 Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook

Outlook 2010 is more than just an e-mail client. Its easy-to-use features and functions include calendaring; scheduling; setting up air-tight security; and creating task, multiple address and distribution lists. Together these features help you dramatically improve business productivity.

In Outlook 2010, you''ll learn how to set filtering preferences to help you organize and automate tasks and work offline and remotely. Trainer Chris Ward also walks you through Outlook’s settings, so you’ll quickly have Outlook 2010 properly installed and looking and operating exactly as you wish -- and be well prepared for the 77-884 MOS certification exam. 


Series 1: Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook 77-884


  1   Installing Office 2010

  2   Getting Started with Outlook 2010

  3   Additional Email Accounts and Profiles

  4   Sending and Receiving Email

  5   Formatting Email Part 1

  6   Formatting Email Part 2

  7   Attaching Files and Signatures

  8   Viewing Messages and Notification Options

  9   Organizing E-mail Part 1  

  10   Organizing E-mail Part 2

  11   Calendar Basics

  12   Scheduling Meetings

  13   Advanced Calendar Options Part 1

  14   Advanced Calendar Options Part 2

  15   Contacts and Address Books

  16   Tasks and To-Do's

  17   Advanced Features - Auto-Reply, Mail Rules, Junk Mail, RSS Feeds

  18   Advanced Features - Printing and Security

CBT Nuggets Exam-Pack 77-884 Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook

CBT Nuggets Exam-Pack 77-884 Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook

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