CCBootcamp CCIE VOICE Troubleshooting

The following Topics which is Covered:

Lab 1 : Troubleshooting IP Phone Registration Problem.
Lab 2 : Calls on PSTN Emergency Number fails due to number type.
Lab 3 :Inound PSTN calls fail to resource unavailable
Lab 4: Inbount PSTN calls fails to reach IP Phone with unallocated number
Lab 5: Unable to register MGCP Gateway to CallManager due to DNS issue
Lab 6: PSTN call fails due to Layer 3 issue
Lab 7: PSTN call fails due to L3 issue
Lab 8: MGCP Gateway Registration Fails due to digit
Lab 9: Call routing fails due to class of service
Lab 10: Troubleshooting IP Phone are not completedLab
Lab 11: Calls between two IP Phones are not completed
Lab 12: Calls between two IP Phones on same site fails due to CoS
Lab 13: Call fails due to misconfigured class of service
Lab 14: Calls from PSTN to callManager fails using H323 Gateway
Lab 15: H323 call fails but shows connected on the IP Phone
Lab 16: H323 call fail - unknown or unassign number
Lab 17: H323 calls not reaching end IP Phone instead user gets dial tone

CCBootcamp CCIE VOICE Troubleshooting

CCBootcamp CCIE VOICE Troubleshooting

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